Evolution Of Concrete

Days of 1 Bag Mixers

  • It is almost an extinct species in urban area

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Advent of 4 Bag Mixers

  • It was an revolution when it arrived as it had a weigh batcher! At times people called it batching plant, but it short lived.

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  • Too cumbersome, laborious and boring to operate. To make 100 m3 of concrete you need to batch 200 times.

  • Quality solely depends on labourer's acumen.

  • Need to purchase cement in bags only.

  • Labourers suffered respiratory problems due to cement and dust particulate.

Captive RMC Plant

  • The fad began and small capacity plant of 30 m3/hr mushroomed in the city.

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  • Huge capital investment required to set up the plant with Transit mixers, silos, generator, conveyors, tractor loaders and quality labs.

  • Occupies big chunk of land on already congested site.

  • Needs skilled manpower to operate and maintain it.

  • Proves to be more expensive if concrete produced is less than 1000 m3 per month.

  • Requires to have captive concrete pump with employing operator and line gang which increases fixed cost.

  • Stocking of huge piles of aggregates in advance makes site look dirty.

  • Also purchasing material from many vendors makes it more difficult to check on quality and quantity.

  • More manpower requires more rooms in labour camps.

Outsourcing RMC!

Soon the trend began for concrete on call. Most convenient way to get the concrete.


  • Concrete which complies with I.S. code is on request otherwise optimum grade is supplied!

  • Availability of pumps is a big problem.

  • Importance may not be given to timely delivery of concrete.

  • Fear of quality and quantity supplied.

  • Quantities more than 300 m3 for single pour is difficult to obtain from single supplier.

  • Getting cube test reports need reminders.

  • Inconsistency in strength of concrete is typical problem.

  • Getting concrete 24 x 7 is difficult.